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The following are Milams of prominence and who are noted in American History. Links to more detailed biographies will be provided as they are developed.


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Great American Librarian. First Librarian of the United Nations.

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Prominent Thoroughbred Horse Trainer and Racer.

James Calvin Milam


Jesse Bartley Milam, (1884-1949), was a noted businessman and Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1941 to 1949.

He was the son of William Guinn and Sarah Ellen (Couch) Milam, and a descendant of Bartlett Milam Jr., son of Bartlett Milam who died in 1822 in Laurens District, South Carolina. His mother was a Cherokee Indian, being a member of the Long Hair Clan, and her parents were Samuel M. and Nancy Ellen (Adair) Couch.

J. B. was born March 10, 1884 in Ellis County, Texas. He married Elizabeth Peach McSpadden on April 6, 1904 in Chelsea, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory. He died May 8, 1949 in Claremore, Rogers County, Oklahoma and was buried in the Chelsea Cemetery, in Chelsea, Rogers County, Oklahoma.

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J. B. Milam, Oklahoma Historical Society's Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture
Libraries & Culture, Bookplate Archive, J. B. Milam, McFarlin Library, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma


A Miami-based pioneer and businessman who established a successful Florida dairy farm. Florida State Road 969 and M. A. Milam Elementary School are named for him.

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The following are Milam relatives who are of prominence and who are noted in American History. This listing will consist of persons with a different surname but who are directly descended from the Milam family, or perhaps are indirectly related to Milams. Links to more detailed biographies will be provided as they are developed.


The Delany Sisters, Sadie and Bessie, are notable African-American Sisters who both lived to be well over 100 years and were significant as early Civil Rights pioneers. Their story was made famous through the book Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years published in 1993. On the New York Times bestseller list for 105 weeks, this book tells their story as they presented it to Amy Hill Hearth. Their brother, Hubert Thomas Delany, was notable in his own right, also being a civil rights pioneer, lawyer and politician, Assistant U.S. Attorney, and an early African-American New York City Judge. Other siblings of this large family also attained significance: in music, medicine, professional military, education and more.

In the book, the Delany sisters speak of their maternal grandfather James Milam as "The meanest looking man in Pittsylvania County." James M. Milam was born about 1836 to 1840 in Pittsylvania County and may have served in the Confederate Army. He was an illiterate, gun wielding, farmer, sometimes dentist and noted "root-doctor" who founded Milam Medicine Co. of Danville, Virginia. As interracial marriage was illegal at the time, James Milam had a common-law wife named Martha Logan, a free black born about 1840 in the Dan River area of Pittsylvania County. In 1870 they are found together, with children, in the Dan River Township of Caswell County, North Carolina. It is still uncertain who the father of James Milam is and which branch of Milams this family descends from.

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