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Please help to discontinue the propagation and perpetuation of outdated conclusions, false research, and mis-information of the Milam family history.


Hello, my name is Robert M. Wilbanks IV, and I am a Milam descendant.

Let me tell you a little about myself and about the Milam research that I have been doing. I began researching genealogy in January 1977, at age 12, and have been continuing this research ever since. After graduating, in 1992, from Arizona State University with a B.A. in History, I attempted to establish a career as a professional genealogist. That effort has had its ups and downs. After minimal activity (not complete inactivity) from 1999 to 2009, with more energy I have been carefully getting back into genealogy personally and professionally.

My great grandmother was a Milam. I was about six years old when she died, but I do have some memories of her. In 1982, after graduating from High School, I visited my grandmother in Birmingham, Alabama, and then her sister in South Carolina. During this trip I had acquired much information on the Milam family. The following year I organized this information and unexpectedly put together a 60 page book on the descendants of Bartlett Milam (1750-1822). I sold about a hundred copies of this book nationwide and acquired many new contacts in the Milam family. I have since continued to gather a wealth of Milam information for an updated book that I hope someday to complete.

After gathering more informatin and extensive networking, in 1988 I began a Milam family records and research newsletter entitled Milam Roots. The purpose of the newsletter, and the eventual Milam Family Association, was to keep everyone informed on the continuing research efforts of the Milam family history, as well as sharing information and connecting and keeping in touch with distant and long lost cousins.

Unfortunately, a variety of factors forced me to discontinue the newsletter, including Milam research in general. Over the years I have been unable to respond to a large number of e-mails and letters from Milam kinsman researching their Milam family history, though I continue to try as I am able.

It is my hope that this website will be the best, and an easier, forum by which to share the wealth of my Milam research. Please go over it thoroughly and come back from time-to-time to look for additions and updates. Please pay attention to the recent changes, here and on other Milam websites that I refer to, that have been made to the overall Milam Family Research and History. Please help to discontinue the propagation and perpetuation of the old outdated conclusions, false research, and mis-information of the Milam family history.

So, I have been doing extensive research and work on the Milam family for over 35 years now. I had become the leading authority in this country on the Milam family in America. While I may no longer be considered the leading authority, I definitely have a wealth of knowledge, material and insight. Eventually everyone comes to me for help on their branch of the Milam family. I hope that I can help you.

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